Memory Workshops for Groups

No matter what your calling is in life, chances are it’s predicated on building relationships—and that starts with remembering someone’s name.

Brent Sverdloff leads lively, interactive memory workshops that will train you and your team to see the world in a new way. Investors, realtors, teachers, artists, police officers, medical students, attorneys, HR managers, and many others have learned how to sharpen their powers of observation. Read their comments here.

As a former executive at performing arts non-profits in Boston and San Francisco, Brent liberally borrows games from the world of improvisational theater to help you think faster on your feet, become a better listener, and use your brain more creatively. And as a formally trained linguist, Brent can show you how to bend language to make even the most difficult names memorable. See the extensive resources Brent draws from in his coaching. 

Many of Brent's techniques are contained in his book How Could I Forget You! A Creative Way to Remember Names and Faces. The experience of an in-person session, however, is much more fun and effective. 

Brent's workshops are a natural fit for organizations that prize mental agility and social connectedness in their staff. Some companies have invited Brent to teach under the banner of employee wellness programs, since flexing one's memory is as important to good health as proper diet, exercise, and rest. Learn more about that connection in these articles. 

Brent also offers public sessions on a variety of memorization topics. Check the Events page to see if one is taking place near you. 

What do participants take away from these trainings?

  • The scientific reasons behind forgetting names;
  • How to retain the names of anyone they meet;
  • Practical tips for being more present;
  • Linguistic secrets to help tackle especially challenging names;
  • Ways to incorporate play into professional life;
  • Increased confidence that comes from being more engaged;
  • More productive interactions with colleagues and clients;
  • Pointers on applying the memory methods to any facts and figures.

Workshops are customized to meet the needs and budget of each organization. Contact Brent with your inquiry. 

photo courtesy of Annie Galvin,  3 Fish Studios

photo courtesy of Annie Galvin, 3 Fish Studios

photo courtesy of Peter Bartholomaus

photo courtesy of Peter Bartholomaus