"Flex Your Memory" In the Media:

The Insider: "Get (Street) Smart: Memorize the Order of the Roads You Travel," May 7, 2017. Read it HERE as a pdf.

Omega Institute: "7 Memory Techniques for a Digital Age," April 28, 2017. Read it HERE as a pdf.

The Library Cafe at Vassar College: Audio interview with Thomas Hill. April 12, 2017. Listen to it HERE.

The Insider: "Remember (and Use) Other People's Names, and You'll Succeed," October 17, 2016. Read it HERE as a pdf.

River Chronicle: "Total Recall: Local Author Pens Book on Strengthening Memory," May 3, 2016. Read it HERE as a pdf. 

Forbes magazine: "The 8 Biggest Interviewing Blunders," February 28, 2016. Read it HERE as a pdf. 

Forbes magazine: "Build Your Memory, Build Your Brand," November 22, 2015. Read it HERE as a pdf.

Reach Personal Branding series: Audio interview with personal branding guru William Arruda, recorded live on October 15, 2015. 

Refinery29: "The Accidentally Rude Thing You Need to Stop Doing," October 15, 2014. Read it HERE as a pdf.

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Radio Woodstock Roundtable: Audio interview on Radio Woodstock 100.1 (segment starts at 1:33:00). Recorded on June 14, 2015, with Roundtable Host Doug Grunther, Senior Editor and Producer at MAD Magazine Joe Raiola, Dream Expert Susan Rosen, and Existential Street Philosopher Patrick Carlin. 

Below, watch Brent's television interview from August 11, 2014, on the San Francisco-based program 10 PERCENT.