photo courtesy of  Sarah Goodwin

photo courtesy of Sarah Goodwin

photo courtesy of Annie Galvin,  3 Fish Studios

photo courtesy of Annie Galvin, 3 Fish Studios

Praise for How Could I Forget You! 

“How Could I Forget You! is well-researched, engaging, and just plain fun to read. Brent proves he's both a talented writer and teacher as he guides you through his tips and practice exercises. If you've always wanted to be that person who's good with names, this is the book for you.” —Paige Brettingen, Journalist, The Washington Post and The Atlantic

“Business is about relationships, so building your personal brand requires connecting with others on a human level. Remembering names is the cornerstone of building those relationships....If you use these time-honored methods that Brent suggests, you’ll make a stronger impression, and people might even assume you remember more about them than you actually do.” —William Arruda, Contributor, Forbes

"The techniques that Sverdloff lays out for remembering names and faces—something frustratingly difficult for so many people—are surprisingly simple, yet brilliantly effective. They're also flat-out fun, not at all like the rote memorization one would expect to be reading about. And for someone like me whose professional work is based on words and wordplay, the techniques are especially apropos. Read it to find out why!" —Frank Longo, Crossword Puzzle Creator and Editor

“With humor and wit, Sverdloff shows us some simple tricks for remembering names and faces. By teaching us how to link names to faces through visual imagery, he is showing us how to tap into the vast human memory capacity for visual scenes in order to improve performance at remembering not only people’s names but many everyday things.” —Bruno Olshausen, Professor of Neuroscience and Optometry, University of California, Berkeley

"When you are ready to admit that you need help remembering names and faces, this book is the place to start. Using playful methods based on how our minds generate information, Sverdloff shows us how we can get our brains back in gear." —Timothy Young, Contributor, The Yale Review

Praise for Brent's Memory Teaching

"Brent was extremely effective in getting the class to think in ways we never thought of to trigger our memory. Very knowledgeable and engaging!" —Omega Institute workshop participant

"Before coming to Brent, I had a very difficult time with my veterinary boards as well as remembering names and faces. I have a history of memory and concentration problems. Following several sessions with Brent, I found new and creative ways of memorizing different diseases, their symptoms, and how to diagnose and treat them. I also got much better at remembering people's names and faces, which will come in handy as I set out on my job interviews. Brent took the time to make sure I learned it the best way for my particular situation and test. He didn't rush things and gave constant encouragement. Even today, after not meeting with him for several months, he continues to check in. I am happy to say that I recently passed my national veterinary boards! Thanks, Brent!" —Katie C., DVM Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine

"You are skillful as a teacher. It was a good move on your part to start me off with a quick win (the movies in the memory palace). As you know, I was very skeptical of my own skills, and that success won me over. I was putty in your hands after that. I was surprised at how much I remembered. I'm getting your book, so I'll see if I can [also] improve with names and faces." —James B., private student focused on memorizing playing cards

"The class is innovative and inspiring. Brent makes learning memory skills fun." —Veena S., workshop participant

"It works! You’ve helped me develop a system that’s genuinely effective. Thank you again. It was a delight!" —Rita S., workshop participant

"Brent was very prepared, enthusiastic, charismatic, and easy to comprehend. What could have been a very complicated method he simplified and made it very fun and entertaining so that everyone felt involved. His humor and thoroughness combined made the process of learning very interesting. I appreciated how he tailored his teaching to the needs of the different students, who are all taking the class for different reasons. [He was] patient and engaging." —Emily S., workshop participant

“Brent blended lecture with experiential activities nicely. He was friendly, and funny, and very knowledgeable. I enjoyed the program and got a lot out of it.” —Omega Institute workshop participant